Update Lookup Type and non- lookup Custom Field using PSI

Update Lookup Type as well Without lookup Custom Field using PSI:-

In my previous post, I explained Create Lookup type Custom Field using PSI.From the below code can update none attribute and lookup type attribute custom field using psi. A custom field can be updated by adding PSI web service reference as well Project Server Service DLL.  If you don’t know how to create Project Server Service Dll, Follow my Post Create Project Server Service dll .In the below code I used PSI web service reference.

If you don’t know how to add service reference then follow my post. Add PSI Web Reference in Solution file

 Web service reference are mentioned in below screen for update custom field using psi

Update Custom Field using PSI

Section 1.How to check custom field is lookup type or non- lookup type

Here GetGuidForLTValue check custom field has lookup table or not. If it has lookup table means the custom field is a lookup Type otherwise non-lookup type.


Section 2.Update lookup type custom field using below code.


Section 3.Update without lookup type custom field using below code



Through this method, you can get a custom field is a lookup or nonLookup type.

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