SharePoint list settings 2013 In this article, you will learn about settings available in SharePoint document library & list. List name, description, and navigation: You can provide the specific name and brief description of a list and library.If you want to show this list link in left quick launch then choose Yes else No. Versioning Settings Versioning features of the list help you to see […]

SharePoint and it’s Features What is SharePoint SharePoint? SharePoint is a collaborative server environment , providing tools for sharing data and documents across various organizations to increase the efficiency of business processes.It is a platform where user can create, configure and manage their own collaborative Websites site for personalized access to documents and any other […]

Add PSI Web Reference in Solution file. You can access project web app using PSI within an environment. PSI code is totally server side code. For Example, some reference as I mentioned below. For Projects http://ServerName/ProjectServerName/_vti_bin/psi/project.asmx?wsdl For Custom Fields http://ServerName/ProjectServerName/_vti_bin/psi/customfields.asmx?wsdl You can create a reference with help of references screen. How to Add a reference in your solution watch […]

In this article, you learn to read the simple custom field and lookup type custom field value using PSI.You can read custom field value as DATE_VALUE,TEXT_VALUE, NUM_VALUE, and DUR_VALUE using below the article.PSI references you can follow my post,  Create Project using PSI Programmatically Project Server 2013. And for required namespace and methods, follow my post, Update Lookup […]

Read Lookup Type Custom Field Value using JavaScript Object Model(JSOM) In this article I will explain you, to get or read Read Lookup Type Custom Field Value using JavaScript Object Model(JSOM). Reference article  Get Custom Field Value using JavaScript Object Model(JSOM)

If Custom field is the non-lookup type, you can get custom field value if the […]

Delete Project Programmatically using JavaScript Object Model(JSOM) In this article, I will describe to Delete Project Programmatically using JavaScript Object Model(JSOM).In Project server a project can we deleted manually.But when we need to delete projects in bulk then we need to write some code.A Project can we deleted using CSOM and PSI also. Delete Project Programmatically […]