Custom Approval Center

Approval Center in Project server is the center point where project task of particular resources approve and reject them respective project manager.

Below is code for Getting Approval Center Task:-

Firstly add projectserverservice web reference. if you don’t know how to create and add¬†projectserverservice.dll in gac and add reference then go to my previous post.

How to Create Project Server Service dll

How to Register a dll in GAC

If you don’t know how to add service reference then follow my post. Add PSI Web Reference in Solution file



Click here to download code


  1. Hello, i’m interested to implement my own Approval Center with additional functionality and your post looks like a good starting point.

    It would be great if you have screenshots of how your Approval Center implementation looks in working environment, could you please post them?

    1. This is a console application, now it’s up to you on which format you want to show data. If you need design same as default custom approval center, I can help you.

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