Create and Updating a SharePoint List using CSOM in SharePoint Online

In this article I, will Create and Updating a SharePoint List using Client side object Model(CSOM) in SharePoint Online. You can create SharePoint list with different templates manually, but when you required to creted multiple list then you need to write down some piece of code to achieve it.In the below example Announcements type list created. List can be created with multiple list template type as given below.

  • SP.ListTemplateType.GenericList
  • SP.ListTemplateType.DocumentLibrary
  • SP.ListTemplateType.Survey
  • SP.ListTemplateType.Announcements
  • SP.ListTemplateType.Contacts
  • SP.ListTemplateType.Events
  • SP.ListTemplateType.Tasks
  • SP.ListTemplateType.DiscussionBoard
  • SP.ListTemplateType.PictureLibrary
  • SP.ListTemplateType.DataSources
  • SP.ListTemplateType.XmlForm
  • SP.ListTemplateType.NoCodeWorkflows
  • SP.ListTemplateType.WorkflowProcess
  • SP.ListTemplateType.WebPageLibrary
  • SP.ListTemplateType.CustomGrid
  • SP.ListTemplateType.WorkflowHistory
  • SP.ListTemplateType.GanttTasks
  • SP.ListTemplateType.IssuesTracking




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