SQL Date Time Function in SAP HANA:- The SQL Date and Time Functions in SAP HANA contain something different then the SQL SERVER.Below all the SQL functions are explained one by one with examples and with syntax. 1.ADD_DAYS(d,n): Here d stands for date and n stands for the number of days you want to add […]

User Define Function in SAP HANA:- User Defined Functions in SAP HANA are the read only function that means we can not perform any DDL and DML(insert update and delete) operation inside the body of the function.There is two type of user-defined functions: Scalar User Defined Functions and Table User Defined Functions. There are two types […]

Work with matrix sap b1 form:- In this post i describe you, how to work with matrix sap b1 from and .Making the class for creating the form and manipulating the matrix. Note-Don’t forget to add reference of two important UI and DI APIs namely: 1-SAPbouiCOM 2-SAPbobsCOM [AdSense-A] Step-1:Making the class for creating the form and manipulating […]