Project Server

Create Timesheet in Project Server:- In this post, I will explain to you how to Create Timesheet in Project Server.Project web app provides you the functionality to very easily track project’s task information and progress time spent on. You can plan anything like training, project management etc to create timesheet.Create your project schedule and resource […]

Custom Approval Center Approval Center in Project server is the center point where project task of particular resources approve and reject them respective project manager. Below is code for Getting Approval Center Task:- Firstly add projectserverservice web reference. if you don’t know how to create and add projectserverservice.dll in gac and add reference then go to […]

Update My Task Using PSI:- My Task is those task on which a particular resource is assigned.There are multiple projects created by the project manager and assign the project task to all resource on pwa. Here is the description of the project tasks i.e assign to a particular resource. How to update my task using PSI. […]

Update Timesheet Project Server 2013 using PSI Hello, friends today I will describe you how to Update Timesheet Using PSI. Basically, in this post, you will learn how to update actual hours. Actual hour decide by the project manager and actual hour decide by the resource. Programmatically when we update actual task means we are talking […]

Create Project Server Service dll:- Create project Server Service dll is beatifically to the developer.Because it has all the references to PSI web service. The Project Server Interface (PSI) in Microsoft Project Server 2013 includes service interface for Windows Communication Foundation (WCF) and ASMX Web service interface. Project Server Service dll is used to access all ASMX […]

SQL Server Reporting Services:- SQL Server Reporting Services (SSRS) is a server-based report development software.SSRS is a Microsoft SQL reporting, that helps you to create, deploy and manage reports.In this reporting tool, we use Microsoft SQL server, fetch the required data to creating the connection. After creating the connection create graphical design.All these reports can […]

Here is SQL query to get Timesheet Data Project Server: Two-way are to get timesheet data in project server, first is to get data using Project Server Interface(PSI) and second is using SQL Query. We have written SQL query to get timesheet data.

  Below is result of SQL Query-