Client Side Object Model(CSOM) is used to access SharePoint function as SharePoint list and Library remotely using.Net managed code.

If you don’t know to add references in your solutions then follow the post below

Add  references in Solution

Create Project in Project Online using CSOM:- In this post, I will explain you Programmatically Create Project in Project Online using CSOM. Before to create the project in project online using CSOM, you must use the Microsoft.ProjectServer.Client namespace instead of the PSI. How to add namespaces and dll reference in csom, I already told you in my previous post. I […]

Add Custom Field using CSOM:- In this article, I will Explain to you how to add a custom field using CSOM programmatically in project online.In my previous articles, I already told you about Custom Fields and programmatically update custom fields using PSI. and how to Add Custom field in Project Server.You can Choose whether the field has the […]

Client Side Object Model (CSOM)? Client-side object model(CSOM) is used to access SharePoint remotely, means using the .net managed code developer easily can access SharePoint functionality. It was introduced in SharePoint 2010. Client.svc one of the web service is the heart of Client side object model(CSOM), which lives in the _vti_bin virtual directory.SharePoint Client-Side Object […]

Read Project Details Using CSOM:- Read Project Details using CSOM in Project server is about all the description of the project. As project start Date, Finish Date, Percent Complete, Project Type and Project Resource assigned to project etc.Basically, CSOM is used in project online development. project online have some restriction to development using Project Server Interface(PSI). […]

Upcoming Project Task Using CSOM:- In this post, I will describe you how to get Upcoming Project Task Using CSOM.The upcoming task is those task which will start in next 7 days or more.Means the task has been assigned but not start. Below is code to get Upcoming Project Task Using CSOM [AdSense-A]